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Prof. Mircea Constantinescu PhD

Director of the European Diplomatic Academy

European Council on International Relations





Between O.S.C.E and O.I.C.



In February 2010, the European Diplomatic Academy of European Council on International Relations , organized the conference ”Kazakhstan – The Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe”, conference honoured by the presence and participation of their Excellencies, president Ion Iliescu and president Emil Constantinescu.

This conference underlined (marked) an important step of the evolution of friendship and collaboration relationship between Romania and Kazakhstan. It was also a Romania’s token of appreciation, trust and support for Kazakhstan in its new quality of chairmanship of O.S.C.E.

Professor Dr. Mircea Constantinescu- European Council on International Relations - European Diplomatic Academy Director.


At the same time, only a few mass media paid attention to a piece of information of the same importance, an event meant to have great impact on the diplomatic activity, as well as onto the multilateral cooperation among the nations of Central Asia and the entire international community.

In June 2011, Kazakhstan assumed the prestigious presidency of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest intergovernmental, international, regional organization, representing 57 countries, totalling over 1.4 billion Muslim people. The Conference is second in size only to United Nations Organization.


This Organization strives for Islamic solidarity in economics, politics and social circumstances, as well as for resistance to colonialism, neo-colonialism and racism.


The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has a major potential as international mediator, acting toward the prevention of internal conflicts or the conflicts between member nations. It is also acting for enforcing the trust between the member states as well as the cooperation in all areas of activity.


After almost two decades of active participation (since 1995) to the projects of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Kazakhstan succeeded in having a close collaboration with all the institutions of the Conference, clearly expressing the wish and will to actively contribute to the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian processes of the Islamic world.


In this context, Kazakhstan plays a strategic role in the development of a multilateral cooperation with the Islamic countries, due to its statute as a

Secular state and being at the same time part of the world’s Muslim community (Ummah).

Professor Dr. Mircea Constantinescu ( EUCIR ) Director of European Diplomatic Academy and European Council on International Relations members at the end of KAZAKHSTAN 20 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE CONFERENCE.



The expertise of Kazakhstan as a chairman of O.S.C.E., an expertise that will continue to be used at the highest level, due to the Kazakhstan’s quality of former chairmanship, is of great importance. It will in the benefit of both organizations.


In fact, Kazakhstan already advanced at least two important and constructive project proposals to the OIC. One is proposing a long-term programme for economic and financial assistance by the Organization to the least developed countries of the Islamic word. The other underlines the need of the OIC countries to develop a common position in response to the so-called international terrorism disguised as “Islamism”, on one hand, and the growing anti-Islamic sentiment in the word, on the other.


As an example of vision and opening to the Islamic world, as well as to the international community, in February 2009, through the assistance of experts form the Islamic Development Bank, Kazakhstan adopted a Law on the Islamic financing and the Islamic banking system, allowing to introduce a new form of financial and banking services based on Islamic principles.


Finally, we can only hearty and once again congratulate Kazakhstan and the Kazakh people on the anniversary of 20 years if independence, for the great achievements in all areas of activity, to congratulate them for the important and active role as chairman of O.S.C.E., wishing at the same time a successful activity in the framework of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.


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