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When on 16 December 1991, President Nursultan Nazarbaev had proclaimed the Law on State Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan, few could suspect that a road of 20 years of successes on national building was opened.

The beginning`s where difficult. The economic establishment of Soviet Union was build on interdependence principle , accordingly to it, no country members of Soviet Union could host on his territory the industrial and economic factories necessary for an independent life.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea presenting his key note speech:Kazakhstan: a model of state building. 20 years of fulfilled promises



Despite being confronted with such insurmountable difficulties, the national building had started rapidly , Kazakhstan had commence building economic relations with former Soviet Union states and also had open his economy to foreign investments and economic cooperation with all the countries in the world.

Introducing in exploitation new oil and gas fields and exporting energy products towards other areas as Caucasus, Caspian Sea and by Black Sea towards Europe had transformed in only a few years, Kazakhstan in the main energy supplier for emerging Asian economy and for European economies.

Today, 20 years after, Kazakhstan is part of all important world and European energetic projects and the dram of President Nursultan Nazarbaev was fulfilled.

New oil and gas pipelines are heading towards China insuring that asian giant thirst for energy for his developing economy will be meet.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea presiding over EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC ACADEMY public meeting.


The Russian foster project of South Stream, of supplying gas to EU market by sidelines could not exist without Kazakh gas, and the rival EU project, Nabucco, could not come to life without the import of gas from Kazakhstan.

Today all new economic projects and world economy development are based on all the projection on row materials and energy resources from Kazakhstan.

A long way for a country that international experts were doubtful in 1991 that will ever insure at least its own internal energy needs.

In 1991 Kazakhstan had being confronted with security problems, threatening proximity of Afghanistan engulf in the flames of civil war and inter-ethnic conflicts that where ravaging the newly independent countries of Central Asia.

Kazakhstan had found the way of equilibrium to insure his independence and integrity by international cooperation, becoming rapid a full member of United Nations, of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Organization of Islamic Conference and Organization for Cooperation of Shanghai.

Professor Dr. Anton Caragea heading the Diplomatic Corp discussion in preparing KAZAKHSTAN 20 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE CONFERENCE.


Soon Kazakhstan had proved his ability to carve a new kind of policy: had taken the courageous decision to disband the nuclear arsenal left over after former Soviet Union collapse and to relinquish the fabrication and stockpile of nuclear weapons and closing down the nuclear test site of Semipalatinsk.

The bold decision of Kazakhstan was confirmed by international community and the new state had obtained a declaration for recognition of independence and territorial integrity from United States, Russian and China under United Nations supervision.

Today, 20 years after, Kazakhstan is insuring his own frontier security, with Kazakh security forces and is involved in training other Central Asian countries armed forces and is insuring the command and control of efficient anti-crime and anti-drug trafficking mission in the region.

More than this in 2010 Kazakhstan had held OSCE-Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe-Presidency, with a clear and strong mandate that succeeded in gathering in Astana, for the first time in the last 11 years, all the OSCE leaders around the table to discuss building a new and more efficient organization.

In June 2011 Kazakhstan had took over and the Presidency of Organization for Islamic Conference (OIC), with a new mandate based on reforming and reconstructing OIC. These astonishing international successes could not be possible without the economic power of Kazakhstan, but also without the support of an active and strong civil society build in the latest 20 years of independence.

Building a new national identity , after 1997 , Kazakhstan had begin building a new capital city , Astana , in a region in the center of the country that could let the most ambitious dreams to be revealed and transformed in reality.

The new city was not shy in ambitious dreams: Astana was counting in the moment of his inauguration 100.000 inhabitants, ten years later the number of inhabitants was 500.000 and is appreciated that in the next decade this number will surpass 1.000.000 inhabitants.

Today Astana is proud to have 4 lines streets , administrative palaces that could host by themselves an entire city and museums that are surprising the world such as : Presidential center for Culture , Modern Art Museum and Atemenken , a reconstruction of all Kazakhstan and his great city on a scale 1: 10. Today Astana is an economic and cultural center that is hosting business deal of worth more than 50 billion dollars each year.

Kazakhstan: where to form here?

Today at 20 years of independence Kazakhstan had already have a rich history that could make him proud , has a glorious past to give him identity and ambitious plans for a future that will offer to Kazakh people the pride of living in a country developed , prosperous and stable.

Kazakh people had known to build until now a model country, and there future is depending only on them.

Let’s wish them good fortune.


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